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The “school-to-prison pipeline” is a term used to describe what happens when students are pushed out of school through suspensions, alternative school placements, expulsions, and contact with school police and courts.  Often, students are pushed out of class for minor behaviors that could be handled by teachers or administrators in the classroom.  School removals can increase the likelihood of grade retention, dropout, and contact with the  justice system. 

Keep Students in Class

All students deserve the opportunity to stay in their classrooms, learning with their peers. We must end the harmful practice of excluding young people through unnecessary suspensions, alternative school placements, and expulsions.

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Stop Criminalizing Students

Students and educators should feel safe in their classrooms. Police and courts should not be used to address discipline issues that can be handled by school officials, and officers should only be called to respond to emergencies that threaten school safety. 

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Utilize Positive Supports

The best place for teachers and students to practice positive behaviors is in a supportive school environment. Schools must utilize research-based behavior models to foster safe and supportive school climates. 

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  What’s New:

Success for Young Texas Students!  


Following the passage of House Bill 674, Texas students in grades below 3rd grade can no longer be given out-of-school suspensions for minor behaviors like class disruption, horseplay, and dress code violations.

This is a HUGE win! Research shows that there are short- and long-term harms that young students experience when they are pushed out of the classroom, often for behaviors that are completely age-appropriate and part of normal development. 

HB 674 also encourages schools to adopt age-appropriate, research-based training and programs to ensure educators and students are supported in their classrooms. Check out the Alternatives to School Removals section of this site to learn more about alternatives that are available to Texas schools. 

Texas is now one of only a handful of states that has banned the practice of excluding young students for these behaviors statewide thanks to the leadership of bill author Rep. Eric Johnson, Sen. Sylvia Garcia, Rep. Helen Giddings, and many others.

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