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The “school-to-prison pipeline” is a term used to describe what happens when students are pushed out of school through suspensions, alternative school placements, expulsions, and contact with school police and courts.  Often, students are pushed out of class for minor behaviors that could be handled by teachers or administrators in the classroom.  School removals can increase the likelihood of grade retention, dropout, and contact with the  justice system. 

Keep Students in Class

All students deserve the opportunity to stay in their classrooms, learning with their peers. We must end the harmful practice of excluding children through unnecessary suspensions, alternative school placements, and expulsions.

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Stop Criminalizing Students

Students and educators should feel safe in their classrooms. Police and courts should not be used to address discipline issues that can be handled by school officials, and officers should only be called to respond to emergencies that threaten school safety. 

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Utilize Positive Supports

The best place for teachers and students to practice positive behaviors is in a supportive school environment. Schools must utilize research-based behavior models to foster safe school climates. 

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  What’s New:

Success for Young Texas Students!  



In February the Dallas ISD and Austin ISD School Boards unanimously voted to adopt district-wide policies to keep young students in their classrooms by significantly reducing suspensions and alternative school placements for students in pre-K through 2nd grades and ensuring teachers have the tools to support kids in class.

This is a win for Texas’ youngest students! 

We were thrilled to partner with the ACLU of Texas , Texas Organizing Project, the Excellence and Advancement Foundation , Educators in Solidarity , the Austin Justice Coalition, Education Austin, students from Lanier and Akins High Schools, and many others, to encourage School Board Trustees to support these important policy changes.

For talking points and information for addressing these harmful removals in your district check out our Suspension Ban Policy Guide.

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