The Project

Texas Appleseed works to address systemic problems related to school discipline and the juvenile justice system.  A major part of that work involves providing useful resources and information to the students, parents, organizations, and educators in Texas who are interested in improving educational opportunities and outcomes for youth.


Through this site you can learn more about:

  • Supporting students, parents, community organizations, and school districts who are seeking to make positive changes to student discipline policies.
  • Encouraging school districts to adopt research-based discipline methods and training policies for their teachers, staff, and school police officers.    
  • Reducing contact between police and students and the use of court interventions.
  • Eliminating the use of classroom removals like suspensions and alternative school placements for elementary school children.
  • Collecting data and stories to paint a fuller picture of the state of the school-to-prison pipeline in Texas.
  • Examining and combating the underlying causes of disparities in school discipline.

To read more about Texas Appleseed’s School-to-Prison Pipeline work, please check out our:


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